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Users could not be synced with AD
The problem started when we saw some users has mismatched properties with Active directory. therefore, we checked the user profile service application to find what's wrong. and we faced to the bigger issue, all user profiles moved to profiles missing from import view. this issue generally occurred when AD users deleted or disabled and flagged for deletion by cleaner timer job. by checking sync connection, problem discovered. In population containers, HEDCOINT unchecked and HEDCo users could not be found for sync.
Import data from web in excel has problem with unicode characters
Excel expecting complete HTML or XML structure contains identifier tags for importing data from web or xml.
Therefore, when an API used to create excel report, that must be create a right HTML or XML response. For example, tableify is a npm package to create html table from an object, but for import tablefy result to excel, we have to place this result to the body of html DOM as below:
let result = tableify([...]);
return "<html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"></head><body>" + result + "</body></html>"
How to change Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) temporary staging location for Backups and Restores
Launch Symantec Backup Exec Console. Click on Backup Exec Button | Configuration and Settings | Backup Exec Settings Click on Granular Recovery Technology Enter the path for the Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) temporary staging location for Backups and Restores. Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) temporary staging location for Backups and Restores should be a "NTFS volume and Local to Backup Exec server".

Problem: I have BackupExec and need to change the GRT location setting which I have done and have restarted the services. But, when I run a restore job on an Exchange Mailbox it still keeps using the old GRT setting for the staging location instead of the new one.

Solution: After you changed the GRT staging location you need to create a new restore job since the change wont be set in previous jobs
Sails Post File and parameters lost
In sails, when we post a file to the server with parameters, request parameters does not supply.
to solve this issue, you must simply send parameters before file.
For example, when we create form data:
let formData = new FormData();
first, set string parameters:
for (key in data) {
  value = data[key];
  formData.append(key.toString(), value.toString());
then, we could be append files:
formData.append(, attachment.file,;
Error During Kaspersky Endpoint Uninstallation
Error 27200. Failed to unload application from RAM. during kaspersky uninstallation. Try to uninstall using Kaspersky Removal Tools You can download this file from: and also \\\General Applications\KASPERSKY\Kaspersky Removal Tools
Outlook Add-in Certificate error
If you face below error during installing HEDCo People Search add-in, you might be able to solving  issue by adding to trusted sites list.
Add-in Certificate Error
Error in Enable-Migrations
After run Enable-Migrations command in Package Manager Console, You might be faced to below error:
The migrations configuration type '***' was not be found in the assembly '***'.
The reason is that your assembly is registered to GAC, So you can uninstall your assembly from GAC and then, all thinks works properly.
Click once installation error
After publish click once projects, for installing them on client machines, you might be faced to below error:
To resolve this issue, install vstor_redist.exe on target machine.
VSS Error - 8193 Unexpected error calling routine ConvertStringSidToSid
This error is caused by a stale user profile registry entry that could not be resolved by the VSS Shadow Copy Optimization Writer. 1-Open the MS Registry editor 'Regedit.exe'. Press the Windows key and type 'regedit' 2-Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList and delete any sub-keys that end in '.bak' 3-Restart your PC
Error when installing sharepoint server 2013 with trial license
1. Run RegEdit
2. Browse to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Office/15.0/Registration
3. Delete LicenseType
4. Restart your install
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